Rigid keyboards

Rigig Keyboards are based on typical PCBs (FR4 laminates), thickness between 1,5 – 3,5mm. Copper layer could be 0,018 or 0,035mm. High rigidity of this type make the keyboard robust and resistant to mechanical impact. It is posible to integrate mechanical components (screws, spacer nuts, battery holders etc.)

Keys are made using metal domes (gold or nickel plated); typical diameters 8, 10, 12 up to 20mm. On the bottom side of PCB can be soldered SMD components (connectors, LEDs, resistors, capacitors, processors etc.) and THT components (for example connectors).

Self-adhesive keyboards

To make self-adhesive keyboards we can use one of tree kinds of copper lamite: thin FR4 – excelent for soldering electronic components, poliester (PET) – flexible, polyimide (Kapton) – extremally flexible, good for soldering. The advantage of this type is very low thickness (0,8-0,9mm). This make them easy to mount on typical plastic housings (usually hollow on the front is 1.0 – 1.5mm). The keyboard is easy to stick on almost all surfaces using acrylic adhesive.

Electrical connection with the electronic is realized by flexible flat cable (FFC) and ZIF/NonZIF. Also possible to mount CRIMPFLEX connectors compatible with typical cheap “goldpin” connectors.


Parametr Opis
Base type: epoxy-glass copper clad laminate (FR4)
Thickness: 1,5 upt to 3,5mm
Front foil: surface hardened poliester film (gloss, matt or antiglare). Front artwork freely designed – full Pantone or RAL colours, matt/gloss lacqueers, brushed metal and mirror effects, embossing.
Metal domes: 8, 10, 12, 16, 20mm
Backlight: LED or EL


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Voltage: up to 24 [V]
I: 100 [mA]
Contact area resistence: about 20 [Ω] standard, do 0,05 [Ω] gold-plated
Contact area capacity: 25 [pF]
Connectors: soldered wires (AWG28) or every possible SMD/THT connector


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Domes durability: up to 5 000 000
Pushing force: 250 – 700 [g]
Minimal key spacing: 10mm


  • Keyboards are resistant to high humidity, dust, bacteria and typical cleanig substances.
  • So it is excelent solution in mining industry, medical equipment, food processing industry, automotive etc.