Foil fronts

Graphic foil – imprinted screen printing inks from the bottom transparent foil (polycarbonate – PC or polyester – PET), designed to clarify purpose of each electrical buttons located under it or graphical presentation information posted on it.

Graphic foil is performed in two basic printing technologies: offset printing or screen printing, it is also possible use digital printing merthod. Choosing the right print style is arbitrary and left to the customer’s decision.

Color palette includes a whole spectrum of colors and is available in two basic template: RAL or Pantone. The type of foil depends on the device and the elements located below it. There are two basic types of transparent foil: matt and glossy. In order to improve aesthetic appeal we use various filters, matting varnishes and what is most important properly prepared graphics. There is also an insulating foil used to isolate electrical parts which has very good insulating properties 125 kV / mm. Our machine park includes a laser plotters which allow to cut the foil or other plastics in any shape and apply any character by engraving.


  • Graphical message information (sticker)
  • Graphic foils for all kinds of devices,
  • Graphic foils for touch screens.



  • Embossing endure – 5 000 000 bends


  • Moisture permeability – 2.6 – 3.6 g / m2 / 24 hours
  • Oxygen permeability – 5.3 – 8.2 mL / m2 / 24 hours
  • Hygroscopic coefficient – MD 8×10-6 (per 1% RH)


  • Thermal coefficient – MD 19 x 10-6 cm cm-1 ° C-1


  • Insulation up to 125 kV / mm