About us

Mission of the company:

  • Providing solutions of keyboards tailored to the individual needs of our customers.
  • High quality and durability of our products enables long operation time even when operating in severe conditions.
  • Continuous technological development and the development of products for the most unique applications.


  • We provide keyboard and front panels for all types of industrial equipment.
  • Each client is treated individually, we take an active part in the development of graphic design and electronic scheme.
  • We offer a wide range of solutions and, together with the client we select the optimum version for the specific application.


We are a private family company. Formed by Irena and Krzysztof Rzechonek in 1994. The starting point was the production of printed circuit boards and precision screen printing. We have developed the design keyboards, in which the electrical system is implemented as a typical printed circuit on copper-coated laminates. Design and implementation of such keypads and front panels became the basis of our business.

Technological developments in the field of materials for electronics and increasingly greater access to markets in Western Europe and the Far East enabled us to introduce new, unique on the Polish market, technical solutions:

  • flexible laminates on polyester and Kapton substrates
  • high-quality dispersion adhesives
  • miniature electronic components (SMD)
  • electroluminescent paints

We constantly modernize the machine park to apply modern and efficient technologies. We equipped our manufacturing facility in:

  • milling machines and CNC processing plotters
  • laser  cutting/engraving machines
  • UV dryers for light-curable printing inks
  • hot-air furnace for firing
  • computer systems supervisors design and production

With over twenty years of activity we have increased our production area several times. We are continuously recruiting new employees and train printers, editors and designers to participate in technical development. Currently, the founders activity continues their son Marcin Rzechonek. All the time under-developed brand “IRGA”.

Plans for the near future:

  • Implementation of specialized digital printing technology.
  • Adaptation of quality control procedures to ISO standards.
  • Modernization of production management system.